Writing an action story ks20

Comments Star Wars revolutionized the entire movie industry from a marketing and blockbuster standpoint. The Empire Strikes Back has been regarded as the greatest sequel of all-time. The Phantom Menace proved that a beloved franchise could be genuinely terrible.

Writing an action story ks20

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Are you sure you want to keep reading? Okay, here we go. You see, the ending featured in the finished film, which sees each of our heroes in turn make the ultimate sacrifice, was always seen by the filmmakers as the natural ending to the story they wanted to tell. As screenwriter Gary Whitta explained to Entertainment Weekly: The original instinct was that they should all die.

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So based on that, the first draft of the script included an ending in which at least a few of the cast survived. And of course, the ending differed significantly.

writing an action story ks20

Here is the original ending according to Whitta: But this time there was no last-second broadcast of the plans from a satellite tower. Jyn and Cassian were able to escape the surface of the beach world carrying the data tapes. The ship-to-ship data transfer happened off Scarif.

Finally, Vader was successful in breaching their shields and destroying the craft.

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The audience would have been left fearing the heroes were dead. Whitta describes this process as the writing gods telling them the cast had to die. Do you agree with the writers that the ending of the finished film is more satisfying, or would you have liked to leave the door open for Jyn and Cassian to return?

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Writing the climax of the story (the problem / dilemma). LO: I will be better at creating suspense in my story.

writing an action story ks20

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Talk to your partner What is Suspense? Suspense is a technique that a writer uses to make the reader feel - scared.

Action Research Resources We have been contacted by several teachers who would like to run action research (as required in Queensland for Master Teachers) on the Seven Steps. Writing adventure and action is a great way to express your imagination and creativity, especially if paired with another genre like fantasy or mystery.

It is also a great form of writing exercise and can be a good basis for other subgenres of fiction-writing. The Editor's Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by .

A good story or piece of narrative writing requires a Story Mountain. The mountain is a metaphor for the highs and lows of a story that ensure that it is as exciting as possible for the reader.

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