Write a program to reverse a string word by word in c

The default pad character is blank and the default length is 1. Leading and trailing blanks are always removed. If length is 0, all blanks are removed.

Write a program to reverse a string word by word in c

A man, a plan, a caretaker, When I saw a meme proclaiming the palindromic date, I went back to an old idea: There usually will be a letter that advances both left and right, so I might not have to back up as much. Even better, I could choose first the letter that leads to the most completions of words on both left and right.

I got a longer palindrome. The resulting program is quite similar to the original version, but I get to use more modern Python data structures like a Counter, replacing the bisect class.

See the IPython notebook for more on this version. This program is about the same speed, but it makes more steady progress. The Algorithm, Versions 1 and 2 The algorithm I used for versions 1 and 2 is as follows: A man, a plan, a canal, Panama 2 Find the bit that is not palindromic; that is, not matched by text on the other side.

Call that the remainder and color it red: Since the remainder is itself a palindrome, the whole enchilada must be a palindrome.

write a program to reverse a string word by word in c

Record it as such, but keep going to try and find a longer one. A man, a plan, a canal, Panama 3 Look in the dictionary for words or phrases that begin with aca. Randomly choose one and add it to the left. Remember the others for later. In my example, the program chose a caddy. Identify the remainder again, namely ddy: A man, a plan, a caddy, a canal, Panama 4 Now find in the dictionary a word that ends with ydd the reverse of ddy.


The program found Roydd, which is a male first name although far from a common one. Add it to the right, leaving the remainder Ro: A man, a plan, a caddy, Roydd, a canal, Panama 5 Now we need a word starting with or the reverse of Ro on the left.

The program chose Ore. The remainder, e, is a palindrome, so again we've got a winner.align-content Specifies the alignment between the lines inside a flexible container when the items do not use all available space align-items Specifies the alignment for items inside a flexible container.

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Computing with Language: Texts and Words. We're all very familiar with text, since we read and write it every day. Here we will treat text as raw data for the programs we write, programs that manipulate and analyze it in a variety of interesting ways.

write a program to reverse a string word by word in c

But before we can do this, we have to get started with the Python interpreter. 1) Reverse the individual words, we get the below string. "i ekil siht margorp yrev hcum" 2) Reverse the whole string from start to end and you get the desired output. "much very program this like i". This is the way.

I am able to reverse a string word-wise, as well as the entire string.

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Just go through the code and see if the logic helps. The length of a string can be stored implicitly by using a special terminating character; often this is the null character (NUL), which has all bits zero, a convention used and perpetuated by the popular C programming language.

Hence, this representation is commonly referred to as a C benjaminpohle.com representation of an n-character string takes .

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