Transparent eyeball exploration

Depicting Wilderness and Innocence Posted on by Alan Sylvestre During the last week, we have dissected and interpreted passages from Nature. I want to take a look further into this passage and reflect my thoughts on to what Emerson means.

Transparent eyeball exploration

He blends with the energy of God to command a full view of the processes of nature. Almost I fear I think how glad I am. In the woods, too, a man casts off his years, as the snake his slough, and at what period soever of life is always a child.

Transparent eyeball exploration

In the woods, is perpetual youth. Within these plantations of God, a decorum and a sanctity reign, a perennial festival is dressed, and the guest sees not how Transparent eyeball exploration should tire of them in a thousand years.

In the woods, we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can befal me in life, -- no disgrace, no calamity, leaving me my eyes, which nature cannot repair.

Standing on the bare ground, -- my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite space, -- all mean egotism vanishes.

Transparent eyeball exploration

I become a transparent eye-ball. The currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God. N FN B. This passage details such a moment.

About Alan Sylvestre Session One Introduce the basic characteristics and historical background of the transcendentalist movement.
Examining Transcendentalism through Popular Culture - ReadWriteThink Depicting Wilderness and Innocence Posted on by Alan Sylvestre During the last week, we have dissected and interpreted passages from Nature. I want to take a look further into this passage and reflect my thoughts on to what Emerson means.

Indeed, the passage is liminal: Jesus died on the cross and so bearing a cross metaphorically suggests the proper Christian life Matt. Moreover, his act of crossing does not necessarily acknowledge the Judeo-Christian God, but rather moves across a threshold toward an idea of a God who circulates through nature as Universal Being.

Emerson does not deny this world to find a greater one, as Jesus teaches, but affirms this world because there is nothing else we can know. FN Several other puns through this passage also embody this chiasmic structure.

Indeed, the entire structure of Nature could be characterized as chiasmic, for Emerson through the essay crosses nature and scripture, words and things, mind and matter. This crossing, of course, instances the oscillatory polarities of electromagnetic energy, for each pun is a spherule of force, a tension of positive and negative energy.

The entire first sentence figures liminality. As he crosses the common, the universal threshold between matter and the spirit, the Visionary registers several transitional events. This synecdoche is a complex trope, for it yokes together water and ice, fluidity and stasis.

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Great post and thanks for including that updated and more modern version of the transparent eyeball drawing!

Quote by Emerson Ralph Waldo: “I become a transparent eyeball; I am nothing; I”

I’m curious and can’t tell based on the small image size: is the eye transparent in that we can see through it to the sky behind it, or is it reflective, mirroring the patch of sky that it is looking up at?

Read and discuss the excerpt you've chosen from Emerson's "Nature" with students, using the following questions to guide your exploration of the text.

Questions a-d establish basic details. Questions e-f require more abstract thinking.

American Transcendentalism

The transparent eyeball is a representation of an eye that is absorbent rather than reflective, and therefore takes in all that nature has to offer. Emerson intends that the individual become one with nature, and the transparent eyeball is a tool to do that. "Transcendentalism, as viewed by its disciples, was a pilgrimage from the idolatrous world of creeds and rituals to the temple of the Living God in the soul.

It was a putting to silence of tradition and formulas, that the Sacred Oracle might be heard through intuitions of the single-eyed and pure-hearted.

Examining Transcendentalism through Popular Culture - ReadWriteThink