Tourism in languedoc roussillon

Find your dream holiday villa in Languedoc, south of France Languedoc is a holiday-makers dream - assuming of course that you find the right holiday villa to rent in the Languedoc region of the south of France. Each year, thousands turn on their computers in search of that dream villa with sweeping views over the Med, or that quirky but beautifully-renovated farmhouse nestled in a field of lavender. So here are our top 2 tips to bear in mind when searching for holiday villas in the south of France: The coast can be over-rated:

Tourism in languedoc roussillon

Our hot tips on visiting the Languedoc Visit Languedoc's villages for a trip back in time One of the problems with the internet is that it bombards you with too much tourism information - so planning a trip abroad can be a stressful experience.


Will you end up at some ordinary touristy restaurant? Will the church you've planned to see be at all interesting? Will your family end up on an ugly, over-crowded beach? To help make planning your holiday quicker and more pleasurable, we've tried to filter out the mediocre, the ugly and the boring, and only present you with the very best that Languedoc-Roussillon and the south of France has to offer in terms of tourism.

The Languedoc-Roussillon region excels at the traditional, the natural and anything to do with wine. Most of the villages here are very much working villages, usually dominated by wine-making.

Drive through any small town, village or hamlet, and you'll notice the imposing 's 'cave cooperative' on the edge of town, and probably get held up by some vigneron on his tractor. But let's not forget all that isn't associated with tourism at all, a school packed with beautifully-dressed children, the local post office, old ladies gossiping in the queue for the tabac and that group of men downing tall glasses of Pastis in the local bar.

It's all here - right out of the pages of a book, and sometimes it feels as if time stood still at some point in the 's. Vines for as far as the eye can see - now producing far better wines Languedoc is also very beautiful - possibly one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

Like Tuscany and Provence, the Mediterranean landscapes here are expansive and wild, with gently rolling hills carpeted with vines and the local 'garrigue' - a perfumed scrub of broom, rosemary, lavender, euphorbia and other dry-weather plants - dotted with olive trees, Mediterranean oak, almond and cherry trees and, of course, the mighty 'Platins' or plane trees.

As well as finding the odd giant plane tree in the countryside, you'll also find them lining countless country lanes and canals - their panoply of green which turns orange and red in November creating tunnels of green that run from village to village. Head north into the hills, and the vines and garrigue give way to massive forests of pines.

There are regional differences, of course.

Marseillan Tourist Information Centre in the Hérault, Languedoc Roussillon

Just head for the village of Lagrasse to see it at its best. The Gard, bordering Provence, is criss-crossed by crystal clear rivers and some of Languedoc's prettiest villages, thanks to their cut-stone facades villages in other areas are made of river stones.

Or head down to Europe's biggest river delta, The Camargue, with its red lakes, pink flamingoes, white horses and black bulls. Oyster beds fan out on the Etang near Leucate Of course most who come here head for the coast. But all is not lost. There are plenty of pretty villages and good beaches to head for.

Tourism in languedoc roussillon

Our beaches guide sorts the good from the bad and ugly it's the most thorough review of Languedoc beaches in the world. In effect, Languedoc offers two coastlines - one that abuts the sea itself, and another further inland along the shores of the area's many inland salt water lagoons or 'Etangs'.

L'Abbeye de Fontfroide - the region's most beautiful The Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the most historically interesting regions in Europe.

Tourism in languedoc roussillon

Our History Page in this tourism section of the site offers a good outline of the area's ups and downs over the years. Suffice to say that for visitors, thousands of years of war, religious fervor and conquest have endowed the area with some of France's most spectacular and interesting historical sights, from the massive Roman Pont du Gard and the crumbling remains of Cathar strongholds, to the elegant carved cloisters of medieval abbeys.

Wine, and lots of it Our wine section gets bigger by the day - thanks to Languedoc booming 'wine tourism' industry. To say that wine dominates Languedoc is no overstatement. Once the world's largest wine-producing region, Languedoc has recently swapped quantity for quality, and is now Europe's 'wild south' - with wine makers from all over the world pitching up here to experiment with everything from rare grape varieties to burying cow horns full of manure under the vines - all with the aim of producing some of France's best and most interesting wines.

As well as giving you a good background to the wine world here, our wine section introduces you to the best places to go wine tasting, lists wine tours and courses, and even domains in which you can stay and see wine production first-hand.Beautiful property for sale in Languedoc - the real south of France.

Hundreds of properties in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France for sale - from one of the region's most established estate agents.

Reviews and photos of beaches in Languedoc Roussillon, South France. De Languedoc-Roussillon is onderverdeeld in de departementen Aude, Gard, Hérault, Lozère en Pyrénées-Orientales.

Dit gebied van Frankrijk is nog grotendeels ongerept en moet nog door veel Nederlandse en Belgische toeristen worden ontdekt. Languedoc-Roussillon Tourism: TripAdvisor has 1,, reviews of Languedoc-Roussillon Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Languedoc-Roussillon resource.

Perpignan France tourism accommodation and travel information located in the Languedoc Roussillon, South of France. Narbonne is an important town in the department of Aude in Languedoc-Roussillon that was once the capital of the first Roman colony in Gaul and later a .

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