The perception of money

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The perception of money

So let's take advantage of it. Shanghai and Beijing are two of the planet's most advanced cities. There are no cities in the U. That is the reality. You might not want to believe that.

But it is true.

The perception of money

The craziest part is just how quickly it happened I stayed in an area called Pudong in Shanghai. Pudong is a bit like a modern Manhattan — it's the financial center on a peninsula with huge high-rise buildings But it also has a lot of fashion going on. It's so modern that if I was going to shoot a film set 20 years in the future, I would set it in Pudong.

My colleague Ben Morris took this photo of Pudong a few nights ago. You might have seen it in DailyWealth earlier this week It's hard to get the full perspective from looking at a tiny photo, though. So let me try to help: The twisted building on the far right is the world's second-tallest building at more than 2, feet high.

The world's tallest building is in Dubai. The blue building in the background — which doesn't seem like much — is more than stories high.

The relationship with China

Only three buildings in the U. The heights of these buildings aren't the crazy part, though. The crazy part is how fast all of this happened Both of these buildings were completed in the last 10 years.

I have witnessed firsthand the speedy growth of Pudong in my travels to China. To me, it is the greatest human building achievement of my lifetime — and possibly the greatest in the history of man. Back inI stood in almost the same spot where this photo was taken.

This is what blows my mind: Nearly everything you see in Ben's photo did not exist in The only major exception is the "Space Needle"-looking tower on the far left. I ate in the rotating restaurant of that tower inup nearly feet in the air. I can personally report that I saw almost none of what you see in Ben's photo today.

The thing is, Pudong is just one example of what's going on in China's major cities. Going to Beijing gives you a similar look into the future. I can forgive any foreigner who hasn't been here for not believing what I'm saying.

I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen all the changes with my own eyes. What all this change — in such a short period of time — has created is the greatest gap between perception and reality that I've seen in my career.

The American perception of China is not reality It's the China that existed 20 years ago. Yes, that's in U. I'm not talking about anything fancy at all I'm talking about 1, square feet, and no view in particular.

You can't be the world's lowest-cost producer of much when you have to pay the rent on places like that.

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If you see China as the low-cost supplier of clothes and cheap goods to the world, then get over it. Those days are gone. Yet "those days" are the American perception of IMT PROJECT REPORT ON “Concept of Plastic Money and Consumers Perception Towards it” IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT OF THE BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY JALANDHAR).

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Some people has false perception about money which is a myth. Some people base their orientation on the Biblical advice that money is the root of all evil Which the scriptures is stressing the love of money and allowing one’s self to be controlled by money not making money legally.

And the amount of money Snap makes from each user outside of Europe and the US is going up too, rising from just $ per user in to $ per user in the second quarter of About the Perception Dollar by Carol Brouillet In October , in collaboration with artist, Blaine Machan, we printed and and began distribution of 10, Deception Dollars.

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