Should blood sports be banned essay help

Order now To start with, Sports is basically an activity done for pleasure, which needs physical effort and skill.

Should blood sports be banned essay help

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Blood Sports Debate Essay Sample Blood sports should not be banned; whatever problems there are with the sport can be fixed with reforms.

Blood sports can result in chronic traumatic neurological conditions if fighters are not well matched, and fight without regulations in regard to their exposure.

Ultimately, governments should do what they can to make blood sports as safe as possible, without losing the essence of the sport or banning it entirely. Banning blood sports would force people to channel their aggression into more harmful, violent activities There is no conclusive scientific evidence linking increased contact sport participation with being more violent in social settings.

Such statements make it sound as thought we would have not violence in society if all contact sport was removed — and we all know that is untrue. Viewing violence generally triggers or serves in the increase of aggression of an individual. Sports such as wrestling smack down and Ultimate Fighter Competition UFC are bloody sports and have mostly negative effects on those who watch them.

All blood sports should be banned

The objective of these two sports is to beat an individual into unconsciousness, make them tap out by inflicting pain, if none of these is accomplished within a time frame, the match is to be stopped and the judges decide who wins. Many children, teenagers, and even adults tend to try and imitate a knock out or combos that were seen performed at one of these fights onto an individual in an uncontrolled environment whether it is their sibling, friend, coworker, or a stranger for different reasons that includes but is not limited to a misunderstanding or horse playing.

should blood sports be banned essay help

Watching this sport leaves the viewer psychologically aggressive. The demonstration turned tragic when one of the men landed a punch to the jaw of the other, and such was the power of the blow, that the victim fell, hit his head on the pavement and started to bleed, and had to be buried a few weeks later.

Seeing and permitting violence to be seen makes it seem normal and legal when in fact it is not normal and it is horrible, but here is where lies another problem which is called desensitization.

Well, have you noticed that now they no longer even bother showing that little window? That nothing is going to affect them that much.

should blood sports be banned essay help

So what does this show? We have all come to a point where nothing moves us that much anymore. Pain and Injury as the Price of blood sports Many people think about sports in a paradoxical way: They accept violence in sports, but the injuries caused by that violence make them uneasy.

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However, blood sports are real, and it causes real pain, injury, disability, and even death Dater, ; Farber, ; Leahy, ; Rice, ; Smith, b; Young, a. Ron Rice, an NFL player whose career ended when he tackled an opponent, discusses the real consequences of blood sports.

The brutal body contact of the tackle left him temporarily paralyzed and permanently disabled. I was like a tree that had been cut down, teetering, then crashing, unable to break my fall.

Studies indicate that professional sports involving brutal body contact and borderline violence are among the most dangerous workplaces in the occupational world. Research shows a close connection between dominant ideas about masculinity and the high rate of injuries in many sports.

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Ironically, some power and performance sports are organized so that players feel that their manhood is up for grabs. More essays like this:Real Reasons Why Blood Sports Should Be Banned Right Now Blood sport is any sport, activity or entertainment in which animal cruelty is involved.

There are various animal sports which come under the term blood sport and in this article we will discuss why such sports should be banned. Introduction of TOPIC. Blood sports should not be banned; whatever problems there are with the sport can be fixed with reforms.

The World Health Organization has called for tighter regulation, including “Simple rules, such as requiring medical clearance, national passports to prevent players from fighting under more than one name, restricting fights .

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Blood sports have become a hot topic for debate in recent years. As society developes, it is increasingly seen as an uncivilized activity and cruel to the helpless animals that are killed.

All blood sports should be banned. Blood sports should be banned. Blood sports are barbaric and should not be practiced. There is no reason why a modern culture should have this kind of sport. Blood sports should definitely be banned. It is benjaminpohle.coms are living creatures and don't deserve to be used as a form of entertainment,especially one that involves addition, most injured animals after each fighting are thought to be ignored or treated disrespectfully,which leads to their death.

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