Medication management of the community essay

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Medication management of the community essay

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Objective To determine the direct financial impact for patients resulting from Medication Therapy Management MTM interventions made by community pharmacists.

Secondary objectives include evaluating the patient Medication management of the community essay physician acceptance rates of the community pharmacists' recommended MTM interventions.

Methods This was a retrospective observational study conducted at 20 Price Chopper and Hen House grocery store chain pharmacies in the Kansas City metro area from January 1, to December 31, The primary outcome was the change in patient out-of-pocket prescription medication expense as a result of MTM services.

Conclusions Patient participation in MTM services reduces patient out-of-pocket medication expense. Medicare provides hospital insurance Medicare Part Amedical insurance Medicare Part B and prescription drug coverage Medicare Part D to those who qualify for benefits.

Forhigh-risk Medicare Part D beneficiaries included those with multiple chronic disease states, taking multiple Medicare Part D covered medications, and likely to incur an annual cost of USD3, for prescription medications. However, unlike pharmaceutical care which does not have a reimbursement structure, MTM gives pharmacists the structure to provide services to Medicare Part D enrollees and receive reimbursement for these services.

Although the MMA did not formally define MTM, a consensus of 11 national pharmacy organizations in agreed that MTM is broadly defined as "a service or group of services that optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients".

Many potential benefits come with pharmacist involvement in MTM services. First and foremost, therapeutic outcomes from pharmacist involvement in MTM programs have been widely researched and definitively shown to be beneficial for the patient.

Ramalho de Oliveira showed an estimated savings of USD2, to an integrated health care system over a 10 year period. During a 16 month period the pharmacy had a net financial gain of USD3. While this study specifically evaluated medication costs per patient, it only identified total drug product costs saved, not patient out-of-pocket expense.

Previous studies have evaluated the acceptance rate of pharmacists' interventions. DeName et al observed a In this study prescribers accepted There are 28 grocery stores with 20 pharmacies operating under both the Hen House and Balls Price Chopper banners.

Balls Food Stores pharmacists including residency trained and non-residency trained and community pharmacy residents provide advanced patient care services including a travel vaccine clinic, immunizations herpes zoster, pneumococcal and influenzahealth screenings osteoporosis, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucoseand MTM Services.

MTM services are offered to patients who are identified through the use of two separate third-party companies Outcomes Pharmaceutical Health Care and Mirixa. In the Start Now program, pharmacists and community pharmacy residents annually monitor Balls Food Stores employees' blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, height, weight, and waist circumference.

Additionally with Start Now, employees participate in disease management programs for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. There are also programs for lifestyle changes including weight management and smoking cessation. The primary objective of this study was to determine the net financial impact on patient out-of-pocket prescription medication expense as a result of community pharmacists' MTM interventions.

Interventions conducted by community pharmacists at 20 grocery store chain pharmacies from January 1, through December 31, for MTM eligible patients were included in the study.

The interventions assessed for this study included those which could potentially impact patient out-of-pocket prescription medication expense by the addition, reduction, or elimination of a prescription medication. This included elimination of unnecessary drug therapy, generic substitutions, and identification and substitution to a preferred brand name medication based on the patient's insurance plan payment tiers.

In addition, this study evaluated prescription medication costs added as a result of pharmacists' interventions such as the addition of needed therapies based on disease state guidelines, or any substitution in medication therapy which resulted in a higher out-of-pocket cost for the patient.

Any other prescription medication therapy modification resulting in a change in out-of-pocket expense for the patient was also assessed, including changes as a result of drug-drug interactions, suboptimal drug selection, or adverse drug reactions. Interventions involving over-the-counter products were excluded from evaluation due to cost variation among these products.

This study only evaluated direct prescription medication costs to the patient. Other costs avoided by the patient as a result of pharmacists' interventions, such as the cost for an additional physician's office visit, emergency room visit, or hospital stay were not evaluated.Medication Therapy Management in Pharmacy Practice: Core Elements of an MTM Service Model Version is an evolutionary document that focuses on the provision of MTM services in settings where patients* or their caregivers can.

The Importance of Proper Medication Management January 16, Every year, hospitals and experts deem an extraordinary amount of hospital cases preventable–if the proper medication management had been in place.

This is something which occurs commonly in the community, where the management of the medication is left almost solely to the patient, and sometimes their family. Patients take the control of the medication in their own hands (which is also something we encourage them to do) however this might result in missing, skipping, increasing or .

Every day some doses of medication are administered in a typical NHS hospital (Audit Commission ). So throughout this essay I will be evaluating and highlighting the learning that took place whilst on placement at a day unit.

Role Of The Nurse In Safe Administration Of Oral Medication Nursing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This essay will focus on the administration of oral medicines, the standards and the legal requirements for their safe administration.

Medication management of the community essay

The management of all medicines in the United Kingdom is governed by several . As a way to engage and support patients in self-managing their chronic conditions, community pharmacists provide medication therapy management (MTM).

Medication management of the community essay

This service involves a pharmacist reviewing a patient’s medication list, identifying drug therapy problems, making interventions, and ultimately optimizing drug therapy.

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