Lewis carrolls alices adventures in wonderland essay

Though using nonsense in poetry has been dismissed as simply for entertainment purposesmost nonsensical poetry acts as an allegory, has deep symbolism and leaves the door wide open for varying interpretations.

Lewis carrolls alices adventures in wonderland essay

On one occasion when Alice becomes very tall, she encounters a Pigeon who mistakes her for a serpent. Alice claims to be a little girl, but the Pigeon does not believe her: You're a serpent; and there's no use denying it. I suppose you'll be telling me next that you never tasted an egg!

If little girls eat eggs, then they are a kind of serpent If P, then Q. Alice who is a little girl eats eggs P. Therefore, she is a kind of serpent Therefore, Q.

Although the argument is valid, it is not true because the premise on which the Pigeon bases it "If little girls eat eggs, then they are a kind of serpent" is false; therefore, the argument is false. However, this still raises a question for Alice because although she knows that she is not a serpent, she still eats eggs and therefore presents as much threat to the Pigeon regardless.

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The text perhaps begs the philosophical conclusion of utilitarianism, which considers only the result of an action in determining its morality "the ends justify the means". Alice later has a similar logical conversation with the Cheshire Cat, who assures her that they are both mad.

She does not accept his proof of her madness "You must be, or you wouldn't have come here"but asks how he knows that he is mad: Now I growl when I'm pleased, and wag my tail when I'm angry.

If an animal growls when angry and wags its tail when pleased, it is not mad If P, then Q. I growl when pleased, and wag my tail when angry Not P. Therefore, I am mad Therefore, not Q. This is an invalid argument because, even if the premises are true, the argument does not sufficiently prove that the Cat is mad.

Two later logical questions in the novel deal with the mathematical and semantic implications of the fact that one does not need to start with anything in order to add to it, but does in order to take away from it.

For example, at the mad tea party, the March Hare suggests to Alice, "Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.

The Hatter's comment that "you ca'n't take less [from nothing]" comes up later when the Queen orders the beheading of the Cheshire Cat. This raises some difficulty because at this point the Cheshire Cat appears as only a disembodied head: The executioner's argument was, that you couldn't cut off a head unless there was a body to cut it off from: The King's argument was that anything that had a head could be beheaded, and that you weren't to talk nonsense.

Lewis carrolls alices adventures in wonderland essay

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland may be a children's fantasy, but it also presents some thought-provoking ideas to the older reader.

The matter-of-fact tone in the proposals of the above arguments enhances not only their believability to Alice but also their nonsense to the reader. How does the use of the third person improve the humor of the narration?

Carroll seems strongly to satirize the foundations of Victorian education in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, drawing attention to Alice's misremembered facts and recitations.

Other characters also occasionally mock Alice, like in her conversation about school with the Gryphon and Mock Turtle: Does Carroll suggest that day schools emphasize inappropriate subjects?

Lewis carrolls alices adventures in wonderland essay

How did Carroll's background as a mathematician have an impact upon his writing? In an essay on Carroll, Beale writes, "Throughout his life he took great delight in puzzles and paradoxes and presented them to his child friends and many adult ones as well.

With the paradoxes, he did not always supply a solution and it gave him enormous pleasure to see great minds struggling to resolve them. Carroll presents Alice's curiosity in a positive light — did Victorians consider curiosity a positive trait in young women?

Did their conception change in consideration of age? In Rossetti's " Goblin Market ," written around the same time, "Curious Laura chose to linger," which eventually led to her yielding to the temptations of the Goblin men.

Do these authors present different attitudes, or does the difference lie in context? Many of the characters with whom Alice has philosophical conversations are animals who seem to represent adult figures. What significance does this have upon her relationship with them?Lewis Carroll () is celebrated around the world as one of the great purveyors of 'literary nonsense': his books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland () and Through the Looking-Glass () have entertained countless readers since they were published nearly years ago.

In “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” the narrator does not introduce himself as a character. Lewis Carroll uses 3rd person narrative.

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Yet, everything in the story is seen, heard or thought happens which she cannot sense, or in places where she is not present. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ~ The Royal Treasury Edition (Lewis Carroll's Alice Book 1) - Kindle edition by Lewis Carroll. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ~ The Royal Treasury Edition (Lewis Carroll's Alice Book 1).Reviews: K.

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Essay Lewis Carroll's Criticism of Society. Lewis Carroll's Criticism of Society Lewis Caroll published 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', in , mocking the children's literature of that time, which suffered from a lack of imagination, only containing morals to educate children.

Education plays a . Alice And Wonderland Sparknotes.

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alice and wonderland sparknotes dissertation monarchie Alice And Wonderland Sparknotes english writing skills many words does my essay haveThis study guide and infographic for Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland offer summary and analysis on themes, symbols, and other literary devices found in the benjaminpohle.com best study guide to Alices Adventures in.

Jan 07,  · Introduction. Dodgson produced several essays on mathematics and symbolic logic as an Oxford lecturer in mathematics, but it was under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll that he published his most famous works, the fantasy novels Alice's Adventures in Wonderland () and Through the Looking-Glass ().

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