Disadvantage of illegal racing

Street racing has been around for years, but recently Hollywood and the media have had interest in entertaining us with this concept. They make it seem fine to street race in neighborhoods. Not only are there dangers involved, but also some legal action could take place.

Disadvantage of illegal racing

It is a hazard to the racers, bystanders and other drivers, and teenagers and other young drivers must be warned about this dangerous practice.

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Accident Rate Partially aggravated by street racing, the teenage accident rate is four times that of adults. Teen Mortality Car accidents are the leading cause of death of youths aged 16 to Road racing is a small but contributing factor to these numbers.

Dangers Inapproximately fatal car crashes were believed to be a consequence of illegal street racing. Legal Enforcement Inthere were street racing cases in California alone. Anti-street racing laws often levy high fines and impounds against racers.

Plus, teen spectators are subject to prosecution as well, particularly in the San Diego area. Crime Street racing is believed to be the reason that racing-friendly vehicles are so often the target of theft. Police also connect street racing to gang activity, with racing teams often involved in petty crime.

The average age of gang members is 17 and members are 60 times more likely to be a victim of a homicide. History Most historians believe that street racing began as a response to American Prohibition, during which bootleggers made outrunning the police a regular occurrence.

Disadvantage of illegal racing

Street racing's modern culture has found its strongest base in Southern California. His work has appeared in various publications, including "AntiqueWeek" magazine, the "Prague Post" and "Seattle Represent!HORSE RACING: THE CHEMICAL HORSE.

Part 4: Drugs and Their Actions. by JANE ALLIN. IN THE late 's and early 70's a policy of "permissive medication" banned elsewhere in the world was adopted in North America. The legalization of drugs brought with it continuing crises that to this day plague the North American racing industry.

Street racing is a dangerous pastime that law-enforcement agencies across the country consider illegal. Therefore, breaking the law and endangering yourself as well as onlookers and innocent people in the area are on top of the list.

Disadvantage of illegal racing

Street races are illegal racing events that imply a competition between various automobiles. Unlike sanctioned events, street racing follows a few simple guidelines. The Advantages of Using a Whole House Water Filter System. Kevin Patterson-December . Dec 17,  · Illegal racing will give bad effect to teenagers.

For example, they have risk to death early and suffered disabilities. When look at the example, there is no doubt because in newpaper and television also always mentioned about this cases. Sep 24,  · 13 minutes of Bay Area Street Racing + Cops!

The problem of speeding: About 27 percent of young driver and passenger deaths occur in speed-related crashes 1. Males and female drivers ages had the highest representation in speed related fatal crashes (32% and 22%) compared to any other age group in 1.

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